Zone Plates & Other Anomalies

Poppies in Ultraviolet Photography U340nm – Steinheil
Tree Blossom in Ultra Violet – Steinheil + U340 + S8612
Plant Photography, Blooms, Flower, Steinheil Cassarit 50mm, Pentax K1, Pentax Helicoid, Macro, Macro Photography, 1:2 Photography, Closeup Photography, UltraViolet Photography, UV, UltraViolet, U340 Filter, 340nm Photography, Fine Art Photography
Backyard Bees – Plastic Optic, 46mm tube IR #87
Back Yard Plants – Plastic Optic, 44mm tube IR #87
Columbine – Plastic Optic, 27mm tube in Infrared
Benton Store UWA – (8mmCS, 1.4TC on Full Frame Camera)
Zone Plate Photography on US Route 6
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ND Filter Color Cast Test
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Death Valley by Zone Plates
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Black Locust Blooms Zoneplates ’15
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Laws RR Museum Zoneplates
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Laws RR Museum Zoneplates monochrome process
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Leadfield CA Death Valley – Zoneplate & Pinhole
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2 thoughts on “Zone Plates & Other Anomalies

  1. Good Morning Paul,
    I received a mail this morning by Linkin, that you are 6 years with pcr-photography – what a nice little misinterpretation – I took it as a wink to check your Homepage again after Ages. Wow!!!!! There are so many stunning photographs you present! As you know I´m far from being an expert – but I know for sure, that I like what I see there!
    Living away from the City obviously gives you time to create a and concentrate on a wonderful hobby – or is it a real side-Business? You must have collected real good equipment by now and for sure have a great eye for views and situations!
    Hope your fine, winter is over in the eastern Sierra and you can take enough time for new great photos again!
    Greetings from the Baltic sea coast,

    • Hey Sven, thanks. Actually, I’m spending most of my photography going back to the basics of experimentation now. At my age I’ve no desire to promote for business but more to pursue new techniques. Actually don’t have expensive equipment, finding that working with older vintage lenses and converted item is being more fun and creative. As for winter, I wish it was over. We just got another 18 inches of snow this week for a season total of about 19M. Still have 4M at top and 2.5M at the base. Had to drive through chain control on the way to work yesterday and was told in the morning meeting that our closing date for skiing will be in August sometime. Really looking forward to some summer days just to get back outside with the camera again.
      Take care of yourself and talk with you again soon.

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