Zone Plate Photography on US Route 6

One of the cool things about where I live is the distinction of the western terminus of Historic US Route 6.

The route starts in Provincetown MA and follows a cross country track to become the second longest highway in the United States.
Originally the western terminus was in Long Beach CA and in 1937 it was the longest highway in America with a total of 3652 miles.

California - ranch - tatum ranch - barn - horse - monochrome - historic highways - us route 6 - zone plate photography- Bishop

In 1964 California renumbered many of its highways replacing much of US Route 6 with US 395, CA 14, Interstate 5, Interstate 110/CA110 and CA 1.
After this renumbering project US Route 6 dropped to the second longest highway behind US 20
Now US Route 6 ends in Bishop CA and heads NE for approximately 40 miles to the Nevada border.
Wikipedia shows the current milage as being 3198.87 though signs on both ends of the route show the total as 3205.California - ranch - tatum ranch - horse - historic highways - us route 6 - zone plate photography- Bishop

It’s been many years since I visited Provincetown MA but I remember it as a small, pleasant and quaint town, much like my home here in Bishop.
Having driven most of US Route 6 from CA through NV, UT and CO, one day hope to travel the highway in its entirety.
It would be fantastic to make the trip as one continuous journey with camera in hand.

Here US Route 6 ends at the junction with US 395 next to a filling station and feed store.
About a mile or so up the road are two historic ranches, Tatum and Casbaugh.
These photographs using zone plate photography are of Tatum ranch.

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