Rodeo Photography

Like most sports, players/contestants rely on knowing the strong points of their teammates and try to decipher the strengths, weaknesses and personalities of their opponents’.
Unlike most sports, rodeo is fascinating in that the teammates and opponents don’t think or act as humans.
The communication between rider and horse during a barrel racing or roping event is incredible.
Understanding their opponents’ traits during the bronc, bull or roping events is critical.
Rodeo contestants are true athletes and deserve far more recognition than they often receive.

As spectators, we frequently focus on the rider being thrown from the bull or bronc – the opponent scores.
But riders, like everyone else, enjoy seeing when they perform well.
If you like action photography try rodeo photography, it’s a wonderful sport – and – try to get these folks at the top of their performance, it’s a high paced challenge.
Plus, there’s always plenty of opportunity for the downside.

As a special treat we had an English Hunter event before the rodeo and a local gal was competing on a mule.
I’ve found out this is extremely rare, mules have completely different personalities than horses.
Watching the communication between these two teammates was incredible.

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