Infrared Filter Comparison

I’ve really been enjoying working in digital IR this last year and have been doing a few Infrared Filter Comparisons to see which effect I prefer the most. I have attached a test subject of a tree stump in the desert shot with R72, #87 & IR850(87c) at the end for comparison.

I tend to lean more towards the purer monochromes, though I do enjoy the faux color effects every once in a while.

For myself, I think I prefer the 87 the best. There is something about the monochrome that is not so harsh as the shorter wave lengths. It seems to have just a touch of blue/brown to soften it up a little. Most of my Infrared Macro Photography is done with the 87 filter. Managed to get a Desert Rainbow in IR with a color swap off the #87.

Also really enjoy the R72 straight from the camera and especially if I plan on faux color. Much prefer the subtle colors this filter brings as opposed to the dramatic effects of the A25 or 29F. Here are faux colors done with the R72 and A25 plus one straight from camera (non faux color) with the 29F. I do like the blue/white for the subject matter.

I just started working with the IR850 (87c) this last month and am anxious to dry it out in a setting where the extreme contrast will be magnified. I feel a fall trip to Death Valley is in the making.

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The Tree Stump Infrared Filter Comparison is in the following sequence: R72, R72 faux color, #87, #87 faux color & IR850(87c). The IR850 comes out of the camera as a pure monochrome, so swapping color channels doesn’t really change the effect.

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