Black & White ( the zone system vs color)

I was looking for a subject to write about on this months blog when a friend and fellow photographer complimented my Black & White work on Google+, so I thought I’d pass on some tips and tricks that work for me. I’ll break this into two categories: photographing and processing.
I generally prefer to view art, photographs and films in Black & White. This is partially because my eyes don’t process light very well and colors tend to appear extremely flat or overly saturated (though this has been a blessing for low light and night vision.)
This deficiancy in my vision I find to be one of the initial and most useful tricks I use in Black and White photography.

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Manzanar – Google+ Black & White Challenge

Realizing I’ve fallen way behind in posting anything to the blog.
Sept. I was traveling to visit family and October started the work preparation for the winter season at the ski area.
I did make it to a great workshop in October led by Jeff Sullivan where we spent one night working on light paintings and then managed to obtain entrance into 14 buildings.
I have started to post these photos on the recent Additions page and they will be archived under archives – ghosttowns as I process them throughout the winter.
This month, I was also passed the #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge on Google+ and chose Manzanar Historic Site as my theme.
These photos are now on the Recent Additions page and also archived under landmarks/poi.
I always love photographing at Manzanar, there is so much beauty and history there. Every time I visit I see or learn something new.
It is also an ideal location for Black and White photography as color isn’t the predominate feature of the landscape so one must work with tones.
Hope you enjoy and if you ever have the chance, please visit this part of our American history.