Bodie Workshops

It’s been a busy month and I’ve fallen delinquent to my post.
Had a nice family vacation riding Galloping Goose 5 on the C&TRR line and then returned for a weekend workshop in Bodie lead by Jeff Sullivan and Lori Hibbett.

This workshop was a special treat. We were permitted late night access into the park from 6pm until 1am, allowing plenty of time for star trails or light painting and then interior access into several of the building the following day.

Jeff offered several extra tidbits as well. A quick presentation on the new features of StarStaX, the exact time and coordinates to capture the iridium flare of the passing space station that night and techniques from lighting your subject right at dust to capturing star trails. Then we were off on our own into the cold night to see what we could create.

The next day started with early morning flat light and white flakes of snow but we soon found ourselves with the priviledge of entering several of the buildings for a rare chance to shoot the interiors.
Boone Store, Lottie Johl House, Sam Leone Bar & Barber Shop, Wheaton & Hollis Hotel, DeChambeau Hotel & IOOF Lodge, the Morgue and Schoolhouse were all special treats, as well as private access to the Stamp Mill.

There were so many photographic opportunities it will take me a month to process this wonderful weekend.
If you are looking for a great workshop you should look into one of Jeff’s. Informative, as every workshop should be, they are also casual – allowing you to enjoy and explore our own creativity.
I highly recommend working with Jeff and/or Lori if you get the chance.
Also, Jeff’s Bodie workshops are a large contributor helping the Bodie Foundation, a nice plus given back to the community.

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