Best lenses for night photography

I just read a great article by David Kingham about the best lenses to use for night photography.
Photographing at night doesn’t requires high-end lenses and usually the most basic lenses will perform quite well, especially with a DSLR.

The author points out one of the most important features of a lens for night photography is the amount of light your lens will let in, providing you with the best options of a lower ISO to reduce noise. He mentions this is one advantage of primes over zooms. Primes having a fixed focal length usually offer a wider aperture, though he does offer some nice zoom options for those of us who use both.

Another subject he mentions in his article is “coma” and using lenses with an aspherical element to help keep your white points as points instead of streaking along the edges.

The article also includes several comparison shots between Rokinon (Samyang/Bower) and a few Canon and Nikon lenses so we can see the variations of “coma” between different lenses.
You may view the full article on thte blog: “The Best Lenses for Night Photography: A Case for Rokinon Primes.

Before the digital world, my favorite cameras were the Pentax K1000 and the Pentax 6X7, both basic manual cameras.
It’s nice to see a review that points out sometimes simpler is at least adequate (if not better) and often a quality lens for the job doesn’t have to be expensive or brand name.