I have always loved history, not in the sense of what we are taught in schools, but the lesser known stories often misplaced or passed down through heritage. These stories bring a different perspective to the main stream history and give a broader sense to the “whole” of the story, for history is excactly that, the documented story.
Photography historic artifacts and locations is very enjoyable, for it leads me into learning more of the stories these items/places have to tell.
I enjoy sharing insights in photography and history, so please feel free to email: paul@pcrphotography.com
I currently reside in Bishop California.

eclipse 2011 copy
My passion for photography started in the darkroom. There was always a special magic for me in creating an image in such a calm and peaceful setting. Night photography and light painting bring that serene feeling from the darkroom back to me.
The style of light painting I use incorporates lights and gel filters to enhance a subject while photographing at night.
All of my images are created in the field; they are not computer generated art.
I use Photoshop for the basic adjustments that one would achieve with an enlarger development in the darkroom; basically exposure, contrast and color adjustments.
I try to make my final image as close to the original, captured on film or RAW file.
To ensure that the final print is consistent with the initial photograph, I embed all images with a digital watermark and ask that you please contact me for prints or limited rights of usage.
For more information on limited usage rights or to order prints contact paul@pcrphotography.com