A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

Last month I was focusing on photographing historic railroads & depots using selective focus.
I showed one of my Slim Princess shots to a friend who then turned me onto a book of modern railroad photos focused around trainhopping.
“A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” by Mike Brodie.

The book is incredible. Not only are the photos spectacular, the photographer’s passion for “vagabounding and life on the rails” shines in every photo. Every time I look through the book I don’t see photographs, but someones recordings of moments in their life – moments that reflect the reality of a being young and finding home on the road.

Some might find the photos disturbing, or rather the lifestyle the photos portray.
Anyone with a passion for railroading will love the intamacy these photographs show for life on the rails.
Anyone who has ever vagabounded, will recognize the harsh realities captured within. They will also see and know the small but beautiful moments and freedoms this life can give.
For thos who’ve ever wondered about railhopping or vagabounding, here is a wonderful chance for you to see through the eyes that are there.
I highly recommend this book and hope anyone who might have an interest gets to see it or one of the gallery shows. I think (feel) you’ll be pleased.