Macro Photography with the Raynox 150

I’ve had a chance to try the Raynox 150 recently on both my Pentax M200/4 and my Pentax M100/4 Dental Macro.

The Raynox 150 and 250 are the same optics as the Raynox DCR 1.5 and Raynox DCR 2.5 but come together in a kit with the 52mm mounting plate. These lenses are very well made and are achromatic to deliver nice sharp images without aberrations.

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These test results aren’t scientific or even done in a controlled atmosphere. They are just images for you to look at and evaluate to see the quality these lenses can produce.

The Raynox 150 is approximately a 208mm focal length with a diopter strength of 4.8, the 250 is about 125mm and an 8 diopter. Most people choose the higher magnifications of the 250 or 2.5, however with larger magnifications than 1:1 the DOF becomes very thin and the working distance becomes very close. I chose the Raynox 150 mainly for my longer focal length lenses to maintain a greater working distance for more light control while shooting. I bought the kit as I will probably want the 250 for my mid range standard lenses and will post results with those soon.