Zone Plates & Other Anomalies

Poppies in Ultraviolet Photography U340nm – Steinheil

Tree Blossom in Ultra Violet – Steinheil + U340 + S8612
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Backyard Bees – Plastic Optic, 46mm tube IR #87

Back Yard Plants – Plastic Optic, 44mm tube IR #87

Columbine – Plastic Optic, 27mm tube in Infrared

Benton Store UWA – (8mmCS, 1.4TC on Full Frame Camera)

Zone Plate Photography on US Route 6

ND Filter Color Cast Test

Death Valley by Zone Plates

Black Locust Blooms Zoneplates ’15

Laws RR Museum Zoneplates

Laws RR Museum Zoneplates monochrome process

Leadfield CA Death Valley – Zoneplate & Pinhole

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